Dark, massive, calm and energic.

Alternating unexpected composite indie pop. Jadudah’s musical style can be described as a mix of dirty rock with mood-filled pop elements, accompanied by a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Featuring touches of rough guitar-riffs and electronic elements, topped with a powerful female voice.

The band was quickly noticed by the Norwegian radiochannel NRK P3 when they became Ukas Urørt (band of the week) with the song And We Fall. Their second single When I Sleep was listed and being broadcasted nationally on Radio P3, among other songs from their debut album Strangers (2015) that has been used in many different commercials and TV-shows. The single Messed Up from 2017 was also frequently played on Norwegian radio.

Jadudah has been touring throughout Norway the recent years, and is currently in the process of recording and releasing new music. Their recent singles Hysteria (2019) and Let's Go Out (2019) marks a different musical direction, with a massive pop sound that will be present on their second album which is in the works.

Jadudah is:

Helle Larsen vocals

Joakim Finstad Jenssen guitars

Sverre Simonsen guitars/synth

Patrick Jaklin bass/synth

Tobias Solheim-Nilsen drums






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